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  • Brotu: maybe you will get some now that you arent a shitty priest LOL
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  • Brotu: Layn, guess who just got ANOTHER fan? This guy
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  • Paloro: That's actually how I took notes in college
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 1   Public Section / Apply Here (This Section Also Includes FAQs About Static) / Re: Tonyp- Marks/BM Hunter  on: Today at 04:03:02 PM 
Started by Tonyp | Last post by Tonyp
When it comes to gearing for MM i value agi > crit > multistrike > versatility. I believe crit/multistrike are the best because MM is all about its big nuke spells with chim/aimed/kill shot and getting cits/multistrikes off those spells will provide huge burst damage. Versatility is my choice for a 3rd stat as I like the flat damage boost as well as the extra damage reduction it provides. When it comes to my weapon choice, weapon dps is my biggest priority. My shot priority for MM currently is Chimera > Kill Shot > Barrage > Aimed Shot (when i have Thrill up) > Aim Shot (without thrill) > Steady Shot. For single target I was of the belief that barrage wasn't worth using but I believe I may be incorrect in that assumption and have been using it single target recently.

For MM talents, at level 60 I believe the best choice is Thrill of the Hunt because the cost reduction it provides allows me to get more aimed shots out. Steady focus is a decent option but in this early stage of Wod, the low amount of haste we have makes the steady shots take too long to cast, which in turn may make me delay on casting a chimera shot/kill shot as soon as they are off Cooldown.

MM at 75 I have been using stampede because of the extra burst it can provide on short heroic fights, however I plan on switching to Murder of Crows in most raid situations because it will do more damage over the course of longer fights.

For MM at 90 I have chosen to use barrage because of the excellent aoe damage it provides. On a purely single target encounter I would switch to glaive toss for increased damage but that situation is likely to be very rare this expansion.

For BM, i value agi > crit > multistrike > mastery. I believe crit/multistrike is the best once again as it will provide high burst with Kill Command/Kill Shot. Mastery is my 3rd choice simply because I value the extra pet damage over haste.

For BM at 60 I have chosen to use Thrill of the Hunt. I like Thrill in this tier because the reduced cost on Multi-Shots allows for better aoe damage and prevents scenarios where I might have Beast Cleave down momentarily due to focus restraints.

For BM at 75 I use blink strikes. I like blink strike in this tier because the ability for my pet to blink 30 yards helps with target switches and decreases the likelihood of having to delay a kill command because my pet is not in range.

For BM at 90 I have once again chosen barrage because of the massive aoe damage it provides.

 2   Public Section / Apply Here (This Section Also Includes FAQs About Static) / Re: Tonyp- Marks/BM Hunter  on: Today at 03:23:54 PM 
Started by Tonyp | Last post by Sillypuddi
Hey there, thanks for your interest in Static. My only concern is that since you've returned from a pretty long break that you might be a bit rusty, so lets talk about hunters in WoD.

Walk me through your gearing choices, specifically for MM/BM as that is what it looks like we'll be playing in Highmaul; also talk about your level 60/75/90 talent choices.

It seems in the logs you linked you didn't use any of the level 90 abilities for most of the the boss fights. What, in your opinion, is MM's shot priority?

 3   Public Section / Apply Here (This Section Also Includes FAQs About Static) / Tonyp- Marks/BM Hunter  on: November 25, 2014, 03:01:41 PM 
Started by Tonyp | Last post by Tonyp
Static Application

All About You

Link us your advanced Armory. That's right, I said your ADVANCED. Advanced! ADVANCED! LINK YOUR ADVANCED ARMORY (log out in PvE gear):

Do you understand that you will NOT be allowed into the guild if you have a foreign character in your name or if your name is offensive?
I understand.
What is your age, gender, first name, and what time zone and state/province do you live in?
My name is Anthony, and I am a 24 year old male living in the mountain timezone in Edmonton, Alberta.
Can you meet our raid times (Wed/Thu/Mon 8:30pm-12:30am Eastern - invites go out around 8:20pm, and a raid can be extended up to 12:45am on occasion)?
These raid times are perfect for me.
When a new Mythic raid is released in WoD, we plan on raiding an additional day (Tuesday) during the FIRST week that the Mythic raid is available (effectively 2-3 times a year), and we want people to be aware of this change. Will this be a problem for you? You'll have notice and we don't raid any additional nights at any other point during the year.
This extra day will not be a problem for me.
Do you foresee anything preventing you from dedicating 100% to our raids? Such as military branches, work, school, or family?
I don't foresee anything preventing me from dedicating 100% to Static.
What do you wish to gain out of joining Static? What do you bring to the table that someone else may not be able to?
My main goal currently is to return to the forefront of progression raiding and Static presents an excellent opportunity for me in this regard. I have raided with Brutall as raid leader back in TBC days and his style of raid leading/personality was appealing to me. The main thing I bring to the table is a wealth of raiding experience. I have spent a great deal of time raiding in high ranking guilds during a raiding career that spans from TBC to Firelands. I am a competitive person and I will always dedicate myself to doing the best I possibly can. I am an extremely low maintenance raider who doesn't need to be babysat .
The Informational Section

How far did you progress in Mists of Pandaria, and at what rate (i.e. was it relevant, and please provide an armory to the character you raided on if it differs from the one you're applying with)? Mists of Pandaria, along with most of Cataclysm was time off for me. I had spent almost 4 years raiding 5+ nights a week and decided to take some time off. I spent part of Mists first tier attempting a comeback on , however I was simply too burnt out on healing to be successful in this endeavor. This may not be the first time you have seen this character name. My brother is currently a member of Static and still uses the name. We shared an account due to having only one computer and split raid time allowing us to raid long hours while still maintaining regular teenage lives. This arrangement ended during WOTLK as I took control of our main account and my brother went in a different direction.

What is your current progression in Warlords of Draenor?
As the expansion is less than two weeks old I have no progression to speak of.
While we supply raiding consumables, are you always prepared by having a stack of flasks, potions, and food for your respective class/role?
I always have consumables on me.
Breaking Down Your Character

We need to see a WCL report from one of your previous raid nights:   I spent half the raid trying to determine if this was actually working but it has a few bosses logged.
We need to see a screen shot or a video of your UI DURING RAID COMBAT, not sitting around in Orgrimmar (hint, LFR works wonders):
Assuming you run your own sims, explain your process of optimization, AND the resources you use to remain at the top of your game:
I will admit that I am not much of a sim guy. I run simulationcraft to get a general idea of what is simming best but I gain most of my info from personal testing, as well as utilizing external sources such as logs of high ranking players. I also read alot of guides from popular sites to gain a sense of what the community believes is best and decide if any of the information is useful for me.
With Mythic raiding, spots are very competitive and are generally given to the highest performing players (barring raid comps). Are you willing to compete for your spot? Are you willing to sit at times? We treat our recruits with respect and we believe skill is always greater than seniority. I believe competition is essential in a raiding group. The competition to be the best is a major motivating factor and drives me to become better. I have no issues sitting if certain encounters call for it.

As we all know, various classes having multiple DPS or Healing specs. Are you capable of performing each one optimally? Are you willing to swap per encounter/tier/patch as needed? Do you excel or underperform at any particular spec? I can play all three hunter specs and will always swap to the spec that will perform the best on an encounter by encounter basis. I have always had a love for survival and I would love for it to become top tier.

Those Questions That Just Have To Be Answered

Post an image of a result with the host server being in Chicago (since that is where Arthas is hosted):
Do you have a WORKING headset that won't cause feedback, and have you used Mumble?
I do have a working headset and have used mumble.
What type of authenticator do you use to protect your account? Is it on your phone or a standalone device? Be aware that our guild ranks REQUIRE this device, and you CANNOT be promoted without one due to in-game requirements. I have the physical authenticator from blizzard.

What is the earliest date you can transfer to Arthas? Are you SURE of this date?
I am on Arthas already.
Did anyone recruit you (if so please provide a name) or did you apply on your own?
I was not recruited however my brother did mention that you lost a pair of hunters during the end of Mists.
You may not receive a reason for your denial or feedback on how to improve, as some people simply stop checking their initial post. You can determine if you were accepted by visiting the accepted application section of our forum. Do you understand that if when we deny applications you will not have access to it any longer and it will not be in this forum for any further discussion or review? I understand.

Anything else you wish to add? I would simply like to thank everyone who takes the time to read this application and I look forward to any questions you may have.

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